The Safe Solution to Roof Cleaning & High Level Gutter Clearing

The Airpole® ‘Reach & Blow’® System

Roof cleaning, gutter clearing and downpipe unblocking, all in one system!

Airpole® is the home of the new, patent pending, ‘Reach and Blow’® roof cleaning and gutter clearing system. Fitting onto the top of your window cleaning pole, it uses compressed air and a unique set of specially engineered attachments which enables the safe cleaning of roofs, without the need to stand on the roof and without damaging roof tiles. The system also clears gutters from the safety of the ground up to and above to 65 feet*.

Roof Cleaning

Clear moss off roofs without pressure washing or standing on the roof

Gutter Clearing

Clear gutters and unblock downpipes, up to and above 65 feet* from the ground

Key benefits of the Airpole® ‘Reach & Blow®’ System:

  • It does two things supremely well – cleans roofs and clears gutters.
  • Easily access and see directly into the most difficult to reach spaces from the safety of the ground using the Tabglove and Go Pro camera mounted on top of your window cleaning pole.
  • The system comes with an Aircase containing a range of lightweight and durable components which can withstand a lot of abuse by the operator day after day.
  • The system is so compact it can fit into a small van.
  • Works over all terrain because you pull the air hose to the point of use.
  • Quickly set up and put away.
  • You are totally independent – no electricity needed as the system uses a petrol air compressor.
  • Safe to use in all weather conditions, no fear of electrocution due to being powered by a petrol air compressor.

*depending on the length of your pole

Increase your earning potential with fast payback

If you already have an external cleaning business you can offer more services to your customers. Upgrade your existing window cleaning pole with the Airpole® system and increase your earning potential… By cleaning roofs and high gutters, you can earn more money which means that the payback can be very quick – sometimes in weeks – not years.

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