About Airpole®

Airpole® is the home of the new, patent pending, roof and gutter cleaning system which uses compressed air and a set of unique specially engineered attachments which fit onto the top of your existing window cleaning pole. It is completely independent and is very quick to set up.

The Airpole® ‘Reach & Blow®’ system enables the cleaning of moss from roofs WITHOUT pressure washing and WITHOUT stepping on the roof. And it also enables the clearing of gutters in excess of 65 feet from the safety of the ground.

What is the Airpole® system?

The Airpole® system does three things – roof cleaning, gutter clearing and downpipe unblocking in one system!

It’s a complex balance of attachment with accuracy of jet of air arriving at pin point accuracy at the point of contact on the roof tile combined with enough air pressure and volume of air to achieve the cleaning without damaging the tile / roof surface whilst at the same time being controllable by the user… all the parts have to fit together and work together whilst at the same time being able to be changed easily and  quickly so that the head of the Airpole® can be adapted to the tile conditions on the roof… after years of research and product design we have cracked it… the end product being that the user of the Airpole® system can make profit from day one with parts that are light and hard wearing.

Who we are

The Airpole® ‘Reach and Blow’® System is launched in February 2019!

Airpole® Ltd is located in Dorset where we manufacture and assemble the specialised parts which make up the ‘Reach and Blow’® System.

Bruce Barrons, Director of Airpole® Ltd, has over 25 years experience of commercial and domestic exterior cleaning since leaving University in 1992 and has developed the ‘Reach and Blow®’ System into an incredible robust new cleaning system.

Damian Pixley heads our sales team. He has many years sales experience. He has also extensive experience in external cleaning having run his own window and exterior cleaning business.

Patents, Trademarks and Registered Designs

Trademarks; Airpole®, Reach and Blow®, Tabglove®, Airsnake®, Air Case®

“UK patent application no. GB1801809.3”

“UK patent application no. GB1810608.8”

“Community Design 005328408” EU No 005328408-0001 EU No 005328408-0002

“US design application no. 29/674,832”

*Airpole Ltd reserve the right to change / alter the look, specification, or remove or add any item from the system at our sole discretion.

Financial Conduct Authority

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). To ensure that all our customers are treated fairly, we will:

  • Always act in your best interests
  • Communicate clearly and transparently
  • Provide sufficient information
  • Highlight important points and issues

Our authorisation number is AIRPOLE LIMITED – 806487