The Solution for ‘Safe’ Roof Care, Maintenance and Cleaning

Everything in the Airpole® patent pending Roof Care System has been developed specifically to enable ‘Safe’ roof cleaning so that the operator does not step onto the roof surface.

This has meant the invention of several patent pending features from the development of the Airpole® itself enabling the head to be able to clean a roof surface from virtually any angle and at any length, to the engineering of new devices and attachments unique to the Airpole® Roof Care System… and we continue to develop new features to make our System safer, better and faster in day to day operation.


Why use the Airpole® Roof Care System?

Pressure Washing

People on roof – dangerous & causes broken roof tiles;

Removes protective surface off tiles;

Takes colour out of tiles;

Pressure can break tiles;


No one goes on the roof – safe system of work;

No damage to protective surface of roof tiles;

Colour returns to tiles after using the Airpole®;

No broken tiles – peace of mind for customer;

Can clean damaged/broken tiles with no further damage;