The Complete Solution for Safe Roof Cleaning & Softwashing

The one thing which has held back roof cleaning has been the dangerous aspect of tradesmen climbing on often fragile roofs and scraping off the moss and debris by hand and using destructive pressure washing. This has been completely done away with by the invention of the Airpole® roof cleaning system and our patent pending devices and attachments.

As well as having full tile scrapers with compressed air cleaning the roof, Airpole® has developed a series of lightweight scrapers and attachments so that all areas –  at virtually any length from the portable scaffold – can be accessed and cleaned WITHOUT GOING ON THE ROOF.

This makes Airpole® roof cleaning ‘safe’. Combine this with a very quick change of attachment head and you can softwash almost instantaneously without going on the roof. This combination of the two together gives a super clean roof and a very satisfied customer because

  1. Nobody has been on the roof causing foot damage to the tiles
  2. No tile has been damaged by the power of pressure washing
  3. The tiles will return back to their natural colour gently rather than being damaged by pressure washers which take away the tiles protective surface
  4. There has been no wet mess because of pressure washing – only ‘dry’ moss on a tarpaulin swept up at the end of the day
  5. Everyone is ‘safe’
  6. The roof is returned back to being a lovely roof with absolutely no damage

So with the Airpole® Roof Cleaning System you have the tools to clean the roof thoroughly and safely using the latest ‘safe’ methods and the best softwash chemicals.

Why use the Airpole® roof cleaning system?

Pressure Washing

People on roof – dangerous & causes broken roof tiles;

Wet mess – customers hate it;

Removes protective surface off tiles;

Takes colour out of tiles;

Pressure can break tiles;


No one goes on the roof – safe system of work;

Dry system – customers love it;

No damage to protective surface of roof tiles;

Natural colour is returned to tiles after softwashing;

No broken tiles – peace of mind for customer;

Can clean damaged/broken tiles with no further damage;