The Airpole® ‘Reach and Blow®’ gutter clearing system is a new approach to clearing gutters

The ‘Reach and Blow®’ gutter clearing system uses compressed air from a customised industrial petrol air compressor mounted in a van or trailer. The air hose is on a portable reel so you pull it out to the gutter you want to clear.

The system attaches onto your own window cleaning pole so it can clear gutters as high as your pole, ie from the ground up to and above 65 feet!

Because the ‘Reach and Blow’® head attachment is so light, it is easy to use at all heights.

Features & Benefits of the Airpole® ‘Reach and Blow®’ System

The Tabglove®, supplied as part of the ‘Reach and Blow’® system, is one of our unique designs and is patent pending. It has been designed so that you can have both hands on your pole, even at 60 plus feet, whilst being able to view what is in the gutter on a huge 8 inch tablet in HD in great detail via the camera which is attached to the gooseneck at the top of the pole. The camera is connected to the Tabglove® via Wifi. It’s recordable too.

Because the ‘Reach and Blow’® system blows compressed air it CANNOT BLOCK! It can also clear out roof gulleys and is excellent on pine needles.

Because the ‘Reach and Blow’® head attachment is so light you have superb horizontal reach so you can reach over conservatories, garages, obstacles and reach the inside of the gutter.

In the gutter the ‘Reach and Blow’® system can deal with plants, clods of grass, pine needles, twigs and cones – literally anything you might find in the gutter.
The ‘Reach and Blow’® system has a very narrow nozzle leg, just over half an inch, so can get into very narrow gaps between gutter and roof tiles meaning that you can successfully clear almost any gutter.

Also great for narrow gaps on conservatory roofs.

Can work over all terrain, slopes, stairs, difficult access.

The design of the Airpole® head means you can rotate the nozzle through 360 degrees in the gutter, enabling you to get into virtually any gutter. The ‘Reach and Blow’® head can also rotate an attachment through a further 360 degrees in the other axis. In the final axis the ‘Reach and Blow’® head can rotate in excess of 200 degrees. Because of this, the nozzle and also the very thin leg can get into almost any gutter to clear it.

The AirSnake® attachment can also unblock the top of downpipes with your feet firmly and safely on the ground – even to 65 feet. It is easily and quickly changed.

The ‘Reach and Blow’® gutter clearing kit can be purchased as an addon for the standard Airpole® system


You take the gutter clearing gooseneck out of the AirCase® and attach it to the end of your window cleaning pole. You choose an attachment, depending on what’s in the gutter, or simply use just the nozzle in the gutter.

Attach the Go Pro camera to the gooseneck, take the Tabglove® from the AirCase®, connect the camera and tablet via wifi.

Having pulled the air hose to the gutter, you connect the air hose to your pole and start.

The leaves and other debris are blown out of the gutter in a controlled way. The leaves can be collected on tarpaulins placed underneath the gutters.

If there is a downpipe which is blocked at the top then you simply and quickly screw the AirSnake®, our patent pending attachment, onto the gooseneck and unblock the downpipe.

You can monitor your progress on the Tabglove®.

All the attachments come as standard in the ‘Reach and Blow®’ System and are held in the AirCase®.

We can offer training in a variety of techniques we have developed in both roof cleaning and gutter clearing.

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Increase your earning potential with fast payback

If you already have an external cleaning business you can offer more services to your customers. Upgrade your existing window cleaning pole with the Airpole® system and increase your earning potential… By cleaning roofs and high gutters, you can earn more money which means that the payback can be very quick – sometimes in weeks – not years.