Many houses have a lot of moss on their roofs. Moss damages roofs. But how to get it removed? The old bad solution is to get the roof pressure washed.

Homeowners don’t get the moss cleaned off their roofs because they fear pressure washing for 4 main reasons:

  1. It can damage the tiles, taking the protective surface off it.
  2. Water damage inside the house
  3. A lot of mess
  4. Broken tiles because people are on the roof


A new approach – the ‘Reach and Blow®’ System. The System uses compressed air from a customised industrial petrol air compressor mounted in a van or trailer. The air hose is on a portable reel so you pull it out to the roof or gutter.

  1. It is a ‘dry’ no wet mess system.
  2. Accessing from the gutter line means that no one goes on the roof – this is what sells the roof clean service to many customers.
  3. Causes no damage to roof tiles or very delicate surfaces because it uses compressed air.
  4. Leaves the top protective surface of the tile intact.

How it works

The method of working is generally off a portable scaffold which gives a stable platform to access the roof tiles from gutter height with the ‘Reach and Blow®’ System. The scaffold is gradually moved around the house as you clean the roof.

The choice of attachment to use depends on the type of moss and tiles – currently there are 4 brush attachments and 9 metal scraper attachments which come in the standard System.

Having chosen your attachment, you can get to work, loosening the moss and blowing out the dirt lying in the tile joints. The compressed air is powerful enough to do this but does not damage the tiles. Once loose it is then blown down the roof.

In this way you can clean the roof with superb results without going on the roof.

Having cleaned the roof you can apply biocide to the tiles to leave the whole surface incredibly clean and any moss roots eradicated.