The Airpole® roof cleaning system gets the roof ‘safely’ cleaned ready for softwashing with the Airpole® softwash delivery system. It’s really two systems in one. It too is a ‘safe’ softwashing system as nobody goes on the roof.

The Airpole® roof cleaning head attachment is simply and quickly changed over to the Airpole® brush head, using the same pole. Connecting the softwash delivery system to a customers tap (or pumped out from a van) the softwash solution is simply delivered through the brush head and applied to the roof tiles / surface.

Safe Softwashing with Airpole

With the Airpole® softwash system no softwash chemical is sprayed but instead quickly and effectively applied with the brush head. In this way hardly any softwash chemical is wasted. The Airpole® softwash also contains a biocide to kill the moss roots.

Now the roof tiles / surface will be cleaned over a period of 12 months bringing the natural colour back to the tiles and inhibiting the re growth of roof moss as the roof is superclean and the moss has to start again from scratch as there is virtually no dirt on the roof for the moss to regrow. Whatever dirt residue there may be on the roof is gradually broken down and off the roof by the softwash.

Both roof cleaning and softwashing all carried out ‘safely’ with no one going on the roof and using the one system – the Airpole® roof cleaning and softwash system. The Airpole® is the perfect ’safe’ roof cleaning system.

If you already have your own softwashing equipment then we can take the cost of the Airpole® softwash equipment out of the roof cleaning system price.