The complete ‘Reach and Blow’® roof cleaning and gutter clearing kit fits in the smallest of vans, fixed or portable – this is the gutter cleaning, downpipe unblocking and roof kit combined together.

Each kit comes with a customised air compressor, 2 x 30 metre air hose reels (can be connected to give 60m) and a hard wearing Air Case® which contains all the items that you need as well as a PPE kit.

Each Airpole® ‘Reach & Blow®’ System contains:

  • Customised Industrial Petrol Air Compressor
  • The Air Case®
  • 2x 30 metre Air Reels
  • 2x Tarpaulins
  • Petrol Can

Each Aircase® contains:

  • Standard gooseneck
  • Roof gooseneck
  • Special traditional pole gooseneck
  • Tabglove®
  • 1 x Air Snake® attachment
  • 8 inch HD tablet
  • Go Pro camera
  • Attachment bracket for camera to gooseneck
  • 5 variable length legs
  • Set of 3 nozzles
  • 9 metal scraper attachments
  • 4 brush attachments
  • Spanner
  • Set of grips
  • PPE kit

The Tabglove®

This is our patent pending tablet holder. Wearing a pair of gloves, the 8 inch HD tablet is held in place on the back of your hand. In this way you have both hands on your pole whilst being able to view what is in the gutter through the Go Pro camera mounted – supplied with the ‘Reach and Blow’® system – on the gooseneck. It connects by wifi.

In addition you can buy

  • Biocide kit for roof cleaning
  • Training / how to set up and use the System. We have developed many techniques in both roof cleaning and gutter clearing which we are more than willing to share.

Please contact for individual / group training enquiries