The ‘Reach and Blow’® system comes with a high grade customised industrial air compressor and 2 cube air hose reels, each reel has 30 metres of air hose. Because of their size they are easy to store.

The ‘Reach and Blow’® Air Case®, is an extremely rugged heavy duty military grade impact resistant dustproof IP67 waterproof case that contains all the attachments you need in one place.

The Air Case® contains over 35 items including the three goosenecks, the patent pending Air Snake® attachment, the patent pending Tabglove® as well as the Go Pro full HD camera and the full range of brushes and scrapers attachments which means that for any job you have from roof cleaning to gutter clearing you have the right attachment for the right job. Each of these attachments have been specially designed, engineered and made and is unique to the ‘Reach and Blow’® System. The Air Case® also contains the tools needed to change the attachments, Go Pro charger, space for spare Go Pro batteries and a PPE kit.

The Air Case® is the size of a carry on case on budget airlines and is fully portable.