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What You Get With The Airpole® System

1. The Airpole® compressor

  1. The air compressor is specially built to our specifications – not available elsewhere.
  2. Can run 2 Airpoles® all day, so it can be a 2 man system. (To upgrade to a 2 man system you will need another pole and air hose reel, along with patent pending attachments in the Air Case®.)
  3. Can run all day
  4. Huge volume of air and more than enough pressure.
  5. Protective frame for hard work
  6. Can be run in a van or be wheeled to point of use (2 man lift)
  7. Industrial standard, very hard wearing
  8. Pressure can be regulated down for delicate/fragile tiles
  9. Our air compressor is a petrol air compressor – a bit like a petrol pressure washer.

2. Air Case® – contains the patent pending attachments which make the Airpole® work

Contains spare nozzles, attachments, Air Snake®, tools, PPE etc

3. Industrial air hose reel with 100 metres of air hose

Very heavy duty

Comes with 100 metres of air hose which means you can work the air compressor in the van if required

4. 30 foot carbon fibre oval pole

It’s lightweight and oval – so the head wont swivel with the air pressure running through it

5. Biocide Softwash delivery system on a trolley

Very accurate dosing system mounted on a trolley

6. Petrol can, tarpaulins, PPE including ½ face mask respirator.


Not in the System but can be bought separately

  1. Portable scaffold
  2. Extra hose reel
  3. Extra poles
  4. Gutter clearing attachments
The Airpole System


As part of the cost of the System we will train you in the set up and use of the air compressor, use of the different attachments supplied and the different techniques you can use which we have developed.


We can supply brochures that really work and enable you to confidently get work from the very first day you own the System.


We are on the end of the phone, email. Need advice? More training? No problem!

There are also videos online in a separate Owners area of the website.


For a small monthly fee, receive leads and pay a small % commission on each job.


Don’t want to splash out, we have finance companies who are very competitive so you can spread the payments over 1 to 5 years – depending on your circumstances.